Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Letter 1 - The German Cold

Hey hun, 

The first week in Germany has been somehow restful. Playing the role of hausfrau has been a blissful experience. I got to cook lunch AND dinner almost everyday. You probably sense some sarcasm, but the truth is that I have truly enjoyed not having to pack boxes, pay bills, contact people about change of address, etc. My main concern has been over understanding the recycling system and memorizing the TV channels in English. 

Jamie had his first ever German cold over the last weekend, which, contagiously spread to me. Vielen Dank Jamie! German colds have been meticulously engineered to achieve maximum damage through generations of tough mountain-climbing-extremely-tall people. I'm 1.60 meter tall and fail to climb 2 sets of stairs without losing my breath. I didn't stand a chance! 

It now seems to be lasting forever. I've been blowing my nose non-stop since Sunday and now have a really rough chesty cough. The German drugs don't seem to be working, so it's a good job our stuff arrives tomorrow so that I can get hold of my Brazilian super strength medication :) 

Anyway, still settling in... I need to register at the Rathaus (Town Hall) as being an Auslander (foreign), but I need my Brazilian passport as I have double nationality. And, obviously, it is coming with the removal stuff tomorrow. The worst thing is that at the office for foreign registration NO-ONE speaks any other language than German!!! Had no problems anywhere else, including pharmacies, supermarket, post office.... but the one place where they only deal with foreigners they rely on people pointing at things and miming actions! My ESOL students will know that I have great talent in the art of miming, so at least I left the office with 2 forms. There was a white one for the landlord to say that I live here and a blue one (which has been photocopied several times since 1991 I believe). This form can be completed in handwriting or .... wait for it... a typewriter! I knew I left something behind in 1993. 

A bit fed up with only having boys around... I feel like Penny (plus 3 stones) in The Big Bang Theory! I suppose that would make Jamie Leonard and hopefully not Sheldon! hehe (It just occurred to me... do you watch this show?? If not just wasted metaphors...) 

I found a bottle of Chardonnay at 1 euro 99 cents! Totally drinkable, but perhaps as a second bottle, once the idea of 'taste' in wine has gone out of the window and the main aim is to get drunk. Might need to invest in more 'expensive' bottles, like the Grauburgunder (or our old friend Pinot Grigio), at £3! 

My main daily activities include watching ER in German, feeling super intelligent because I can understand 'herzmassage', brushing the floor, watching Gilmore Girls, brushing the floor, looking out of the window trying to guess where the people at the train station are going to, brushing the floor again, preparing dinner, watching Chuck, brushing the floor, eating dinner with Jamie while we try to guess what is going on at 'Das Perfekte Dinner' (German Come Dine With Me), oh and just before having a shower I usually just give the floors a quick brush ;)

This man's shoes were way too big for him... he must have stolen them and now he needs to get  away before the Polizei finds him!
I'm excited as all our stuff arrives tomorrow, so it will be nice to have something else to do apart from watching old TV shows and brush the floors. It will, hopefully, start to look like a home and not just a flat with some of our stuff around... 

Have a fab week and enjoy yourself in whatever you do! 

Missing you loads, 

M. xxx


  1. Hey Milene, that was fast work... Loved reading your first blog, looking forward to the next.
    btw..I've put a link to yours on my

    1. Thanks Tracey... I suppose it makes the whole foreign experience less painful by knowing that someone else is going through it too! x

  2. Ola my princess!!! I love letters from Germany!!! Alex is totally Sheldon so Jamie can defo be Leonard ;) I hope the super strength cold has departed or of not it should prepare to be met by some super strength drugs tomorrow...

    Good luck with the registration and have fun unpacking (put it this way its got to be more fun than packing) lol

    See you soon my lovely


    1. Hey hun,
      I hope you don't mind me making some of our exchanges public... just thought it would be a good way to let people know what's going on. A bit worried that Alex is Sheldon...that makes you that weird girl (Amy?).... but mostly who is Kila???
      Sending you lots of love (always) xxx

  3. Hey!!!

    Love this! Made me chuckle! At least your going to have something different to do tomorrow unpacking yay!! Makes a nice change to packing! :)
    Wir sehen uns bald!
    Liebe euch beide! :))

    1. hehe glad you enjoyed, just another way to let people know what's going on really! take care & lots of love xxx

  4. Hiya, good to hear you are OK and getting on with it! Well done you! Don't wear that floor out with all the brushing and I hope all your stuff arrives OK!
    Take care hun and have a fab weekend, have a couple of glasses of wine for me!! :o)
    lots of love xxx

    1. Hi!
      I know the constant influx of dust is really driving me nuts.... everyday it seems we have a new infestation of 'fluff'. The wine is good though...
      Lots of love xxx

  5. Hey! Nice to know that you're ok, how's the weather over there?
    We're missing you over here and now when Garry's gone to hang out in earthquake party's in Japan, everything is going really dull on Wednsdays... : /
    Anyway, have fun brushing floors and drinking wine hehe :D