Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Letter 2 - Keeping calm and carrying on

Hey hun, 

The first month in Germany has been somehow ironic. It seems that after all our efforts life keeps throwing different problems at us, maybe just to check how we react, like a constant test without any clear achievement marks. I don't want to bore you with details, but not sure if we will be here for long... but keeping calm and carrying on!

The boxes and furniture finally arrived 10 days ago, which is the main cause of the delay in writing this second letter. I have decided not to unpack everything, which means that every time I want something I must open a minimum of 5 boxes to find it. It is somehow fun, and I keep telling myself, a form of brain-training. Like play a constant memory game: 'I saw that paella pan somewhere... was it in the box with the light fittings or the box with the books?'

Jamie's Fortress of Solitude

We have adopted a new friend (I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning him), who has been introducing some German wines and a revival of my lost interest in football. I know I am officially growing a penis here!!! HELP! I even burped in front of him the other day... my ladylike manners have gone straight out of the second floor window. 

I have also been introduced to a bottle of rose wine which does not make me ill on a quiet Saturday by a Frenchman who cooked us a fabulous quiche (to be honest the boys are quite domesticated). It's called Cabernet D'Anjou and it was delicious. I also had to explain to said Frenchman the difference between brandy and cognac and he did not believe me that St.Remy is a famous French brandy sold all over the world. His argument was it does not exist (as a brand) in France, so therefore it cannot be French! a brandy existentialist crisis on a Saturday night :)

My daily mainly activities have now been reduced to brushing the floors just once a day, still fixated on Gilmore Girls and Chuck, but added My So Called Life to my list of daily TV intake. Our overflow of boxes and added furniture have created a sort of cover for the constant influx of dust to hid under. I love it!
Dust hiding away....yay!

The weekend promises to be a good one, with a raclette (posh name for melted cheese hehe), all night partying and me dressing up in a country where no-one else bothers to. Might go really over the top just for kicks! I'm thinking headband, glitter and actual lipstick instead of gloss! 

I am starting to really miss people now. It has become almost unbearable to drink wine and eat cheese without thinking you should be here too!

Love you loads, 
M. xxx 


  1. I love read what you write ... and how you write ... a hint of irony, humor and a dose of reality!
    so is my daughter :))
    miss you, love you, take care!

  2. Hi Milene....
    Great second blog, nice to hear you're making friends quickly. It's a bit worrying that you might not be staying though. Hope you both are okay.... Tracey
    Andy sends his love to you and Jamie too

  3. Mili, the hassles of readapting... you´ll get over it, I´m sure. Good luck to you guys.

  4. As always I love it and you! Looking forward to the next instalment honey xxx

  5. Hi hun,
    I agree with your mum, v.well written and glad to hear you staying positive and getting on with it! Mmmm, enjoy that cheese and wine, and 'My So Called Life' - used to love that programme.
    Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed.
    Lots of love from me, Si & bump xxx