Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Letter 3 - From Munich with love

Hey hun, 

I hope you are well and that the mad change of weather is not driving you crazy. Jamie had his shorts on last week revealing his true Britishness to the sceptical Germans who dare not go that far when temperatures soared to the extreme of 19 degrees Celsius. I was still wearing my flannel pyjamas, being tropically exotic and all.

Things are still uncertain at the moment and we are both applying for jobs everywhere. We keep throwing stones in the dark with a hope that it will hit something. I keep thinking positive and hoping for the best. Of course you know me well, so you know that 'thinking positive' is a code for drinking wine and 'hoping for the best' another way to say that I'm eating cheese. I will have put on about 100 stones/kilos by the time anything actually happens!

We have travelled to Munich last weekend and I think I pretty much felt in love with the place. There are actually people in Germany who wear heels while shopping!!! It's a big city with an amazing cosmopolitan feeling, where people still look cool wearing their traditional dress. Awesome cakes, food, people and ohhh beer. 

Knödeltrio - beetroot, spinach and cheese

We were visiting one of my old school friends in Munich, who so kindly invited us to stay with her and her husband. It felt strange in some ways to see someone I have not seen for a long time and who knows me in a totally different way, under totally different circumstances. I keep thinking that I have changed and grown up, but the fact is that, deep inside, we were both still the same. Strange huh?

So back to reality now and current daily  activities now include job-searching and CV writing. The holiday is definitely over and perhaps some of my witness has gone with it. Real life can be depressing sometimes, but I keep thinking that there is a lesson in all of this. I will most definitely write about it as soon as I know what it is. However, if any of you readers have identified feel free to let me know.

Munich - Opera House

The Easter holiday is approaching fast and our main concern has been over the fact that most shops and places to go will be closed. Jamie and I have made a serious plan to ensure there are no milk or bread shortness during the 4 day holiday. In a proper British fashion we may stock up on all the essentials, or realistic, whatever we can carry from the supermarket in our bags. Having no car is a major issue in our war-like-stocking-needs. At least we still have teabags!

So if you don't hear from me soon, you will know that we have failed to stock on food to last us for 4 days and we didn't make it! Missing you lots and lots!

Love you loads, 
M. xxx 


  1. Hi luv,
    i thoroughly know what you mean. i was thinking the other day exactly about how cheerful pix can be, whereas the day by day routine overwhelms us in a way. been living with an ideological outsider for a while now, and .. been there, done that. wish you guys the best of luck. after all you are young, you run green
    Keep yr teeth nice and clean
    See out friends, see the sights
    Feel alright!

    love xxxx

  2. Thanks Beta for the wise, lyrically inspired words :)
    I never really categorised myself as an ideological outsider, but hey sounds like a possibility!
    Sending lots of love back at you xxx

  3. Hi Milene.. Great blog again... Let me know when you find the lesson in life.. I still haven't figured it out.. but I do know it helps to write it down or blog.. then in a few months you can look back and see how far you've come ...xxxx